Blood Bowl: Death Zone Touches Down Now

Blood Bowl: Death Zone

Blood Bowl: Death Zone the most foul of sports sims is finally out of early access and the carnage looks fantastic.

Blood Bowl first raced out onto Steam early access in 2018 and after 11 months of tweaking, and the odd decapitation the first pick players are ready to play Blood Bowl: Death Zone. Blood Bowl: Death Zone is a fast-paced game of football and bloodsports that would make your average soccer hooligan think twice before giving the left wing any grief. Based on Games Workshop’s iconic board game, this new title puts two competitors in charge of opposing 4-player teams and lets the real-time carnage commence for a manic five-minute match. While you might get turned around, don’t confuse this with 2015s Blood Bowl 2, which dabbled in turn based battles. This time it’s for real-time!

Hard Hitting High Elves

Managers taking charge of the action will find Orcs bashing Dwarfs, High Elves hitting Chaos, Undead chewing on Lizardmen and even the odd Human. All the Old World races are here in a battle for the ages. If you haven’t guessed already, this is more than a test of skill, there are a variety of melee and magical combat abilities to break out on the pitch. With match day here, developer Cyanide and publisher Bigben have added a ton of content to the final product, including:

• 14 teams built from the most popular races in the Blood Bowl universe
• 14 Star Players, each with their unique style, strengths, and weaknesses
• 20+ unique player skills
• Single player mode with 6 leagues to unlock and complete
• Multiplayer league and one-off matches

So get ready, don your spikes, and kick off the most popular pre-game show in the history of Blood Bowl: Death Zone is out now for PC. You can kick off quick or go check out more about the game over at the official website now.


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