Blood Bowl, the true game of Fantasy Football

Blood Bowl Legendary Edition

Pass, catch and beat your way to victory in this turn-based sports game of carnage by Games Workshop.  This is our review of the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition.

Blood Bowl was created back in 1986 by Jervis Johnson of Games Workshop (GW). He set out to make a parody game of American Football. Little did he/GW know how popular this game would become. As you may be thinking, “Isn’t that a miniatures game? What does that have anything to do with the Legendary Edition?”. You are correct! This is a miniatures game that has spanned the test of time. It’s important to understand the history to fully appreciate the product that Cyanide Studios has put out for us.

Blood Bowl has gone through many ups and down. Mainly, GW stopped producing and supporting the game. The community was none too pleased, and they kept it going. After a few years, GW finally accepted that the game wasn’t going to go away, and they thought that could make some money off of it again. As of 2016, Blood Bowl is a fully supported and re-released tabletop miniatures game.

During the Blood Bowl Blackout, Cyanide signed a large contract with GW to produce video games based on their tabletop games. While Blood Bowl was unsupported by GW, Cyanide seized the opportunity to make a video game version of the iconic miniatures game. They took the EXACT rules of the game and turned them into video form. Every rule, every dice, every stat, every feat, everything that was in the book is 100% replicated in the video game. That means it’s a one-to-one game, not just based on the lore or rules of the tabletop game.

For those of you who don’t know how Blood Bowl works, let’s take a few moments and talk about it. A game of Blood Bowl pits two teams against each other in a “normal” game of American Football. Each team fields a specific number of players. Those players will range depending on the team. I.E. Humans have four different types of players, while Lizardmen only have three. You build your team based on a certain amount of gold. That gold buys you players, fan favor, cheerleaders, re-rolls and more. What makes this different from, let’s say Madden. In this game, you get to beat the ever-living crap out of your opponent. You want to knock them out. You want to cause them injury. You want them off that team for the rest of the league.

There are more variables in the game that we won’t touch on because it’s not overly important to explain it to new players. The BIGGEST difference is how the turn-based system works. Each player will get 2-3 minutes to make all their actions. Let’s say that a Human Thrower wants to pass to a Catcher. He checks how long the throw is, if anyone is in the way, and finds out what number he has to roll for a successful pass. If the pass is successful, the catcher also has to make a roll to see if he catches it. Let’s say that he doesn’t.

The moment you fail something, where that be a pass, catch, roll, or attack, your turn is IMMEDIATELY over. This makes planning out all the things that you can 100% do, very important. Nothing is worse than just focusing on getting your runner down to the end zone and ends up failing his dodge roll and immediately turning it over to your opponent, and you didn’t activate a single other player on your team.

Fast forward to today, Cyanide Studios has announced and is testing the Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition. Let me explain what the Legendary Edition (LE) means. If you are new to the game, this is where you will start. The LE contains every race that has been released/was added to the LE only. You DO NOT have to have the base game to purchase the LE. If you do have the base game already, there is just an expansion option to buy the updates to the game, which we’ll touch in a moment, and the new races.

Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition.

  • 8 new teams
    • Halflings
    • Ogres
    • Goblins
    • Vampires
    • Amazon
    • Elven Union
    • Underworld Denizens
    • Kislev Circus
    • New Stadium – Khemri
    • New Solo Career mode
    • New Challenge mode
    • New team combinations
    • New All-Star Players

That is a whole lotta stuff! The eight news teams are going to add more depth and more options for your offline or online leagues. For those of us who play the tabletop version, you’re going to see a team in that last that doesn’t exist. That would be, the Kislev Circus. They are a new team that is currently only announced for the Blood Bowl 2 video game. I have yet to see anything that states they will be coming to a tabletop near you. They are a human-based team that has trained bears to fight alongside them. Probably not going to be throwing the ball, but you best bet they’re going to be doing some serious damage on the front lines.

The new solo career adds some more depth to the story, and you can do more with your team. More level ups, new players and more. The Challenge mode sounds very interesting. You will have a series of challenges that you need to complete out on the field. What happens after you complete these challenges, I do not know. They haven’t talked about it. The team combinations are a game changer. If you start/join a league that turns this on, you will be able to pick players for every single team in the game. You will not be stuck with just the players on the team that you choose. All Star players can all be on the same team, or they can be bought for your own team. New players are going to make your team a formidable opponent when added to your roster.

I messed around with the new teams, the new free camera and sought out to see how the new contenders fared. Some are most definitely more of a challenge than others. The team I, personally, had the most trouble with, was the Halflings. They are a very stunty and weak team. While they are great at dodging, they are not the best in strength and they get hurt very very easily. Even with the Trees they have by their side, it’s hard to get enough momentum to get it down the field. The best part though, is they get bonuses to getting through enemies. Made for some really cool dodges when I was able to pull them off. The Kislev Circus are a lot of fun. The bear can tear those weaker teams up, whiles being a great defender against the Orcs and Ogres that want to hurt you all they can.

The Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition is a very welcome addition to the franchise and a perfect place for you to join in on the fun. Get a group of your friends together, start a league, and play one night a week with all of you in a VoIP program and let the good times roll.

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