Blue Protocol – Bandai Namco Has No Plans For a Western Release

Blue Protocol West

Online ARPG Blue Protocol from Bandai Namco and Project Sky Blue has just started its alpha testing in Japan. The company has shared a number of short videos via Twitter demonstrating the game’s battle system, customization and other features which have gained the attention of the Western community.

There were even rumors of game files mentioning English and Russian localization, but Bandai Namco contacted the admin of Blue Protocol’s Reddit page to reveal that the team currently has no plans concerning the Western release of the game:

“I’ve just received word from Bandai Namco that they have no plans for a western release at the moment. However, they also said that “this is subject to change”, so there is still a chance that Blue Protocol will hit the western market in the future.”

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  1. The message which the person claims to be from Bandai Namco messaging him is something which you get as answer if you write to the Bandai Namco support and ask about eu/na release info.

    The message without proper explanation can be miss leading and is getting explained here:

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