Blue Protocol Team Speaks to Improvements After Beta

Blue Protocol

The Blue Protocol team has been interviewed about how the MMORPG is being improved since the completion of beta testing and how developers are responding to community criticism of some of the game’s features. Thanks to, we have a translated version of that interview that provides insight into what the dev team is working on while in quarantine during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

  • During CBT, players complained of the game being “too easy”. This, according to the executive producer, was by design but is not a permanent feature.
  • The available skills during CBT were purposely limited but more will be added once the game launches. This will provide players with a way to personalize their gameplay.
  • There is no trading feature so as not to destroy “the joy of crafting the gear you want in town”. This is a purposeful decision
  • The player’s character is voiced to provide true anime-style cutscenes. While they experimented without a voiced protagonist, devs thought it seemed odd.
  • The Party vs Party system pits player groups against enemy parties that usually come with a pack leader. Player groups will need to carefully consider how they are moving and reacting to enemies in order to be successful.
  • Players will be informed about the percent chance of getting rare items as loot. This will alleviate a common complaint that going to town to ID an item that turned out to be lackluster.
  • Gamepad controls will be improved

Head to the link above to read the full summary and then trot on over to the Blue Protocol official site to learn more about the game. It’s in Korean but you can always use the handy translate page function!

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