Book of Demons – Free DLC Dungeons & Streamers

Book of Demons is a unique deck-building papercraft hack-n-slash from Thing Trunk. The game is going to come out from Early Access on December 13 – only to receive a free DLC Dungeons & Streamers right off the bat!

The DLC will allow players to stream their playthrough on Twitch or Mixer. The viewers have access to basic operations that can help or hinder your progress – they can heal you, deal damage to a random monster nearby… or they can spawn traps, stealing loot or applying debuffs to your cards. The system is quite customizable, with the streamers being able to disable unwanted features.

“Early access has been very successful for Book of Demons. It’s allowed players to give us constant feedback on the game and allowed us to balance and add features according to their feedback. We’re almost sad that early access is ending, but it means that it is almost time to launch the full game and that is what we’re most excited about now.” – Filip Starzynski, Thing Trunk co-founder.

If you wish to learn more about the game, check out the special 21 facts about the Book of Demons video!

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  1. This game is actually a lot of fun, i have had it since the start of EA a long time ago, was a time I didn’t think the game or series may ever release, but I think there is definitely some interest and once you play it for a while you get pretty wrapped up in it..

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