Borderlands 3 Gameplay Video Showcases Next DLC

Gearbox has released a 15-minute long Borderlands 3 video that showcases gameplay from the upcoming Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption DLC that is coming out later this month. As the name teases, the new DLC has a decidedly Wild West theme to it and will include new characters and other fancies like a Jet Beast Mount.

In Bounty of Blood, players will head off to the dry and dusty planet of Gehenna and will face off against the Devil Riders cowboys. As with any DLC, there will be new enemies to battle, new gear to collect, and tons of loot for those who are successful in the hunt.

While the 15-minute video doesn’t have story spoilers, there is a lot of footage of the new area and the new enemies so if you’re one who likes to experience things without any spoilers, you may want to skip the video altogether and wait a couple weeks.

Check out the Borderlands 3 official site to learn more.

About Borderlands 3 – Bounty of Blood

Mount your new weaponized Jetbeast vehicle and keep an eye out for local flora and other environmental features that can give you an edge in combat and expand your explorational pursuits. Traitorweeds that charm enemies and Breezeblooms that boost you into the air are just a couple of examples.

If you’re eager to travel to Gehenna and hunt the Devil Riders but not far enough into the Borderlands 3 story to use Sanctuary III, level-boost straight to campaign add-on content when creating a new Vault Hunter so you can head there right away.

Enemies and loot on the all-new frontier planet will scale to your Vault Hunter’s level, so you’ll be suitably challenged and rewarded as you explore the dusty wastes and cut canyons in search of your quarry.

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