Borderlands 3 Gets A Brand New Badass

Borderlands 3 just got a new character and this brawler is set to bring a powerful devastation to anybody who fancies themselves an enemy of the people. Meet Arma.

Revealed just a few hours ago, we caught wind of the incoming Arma-geddon over on the Epic twitter feed. Unveiled as a brawler, Arma is just the latest in a line up of characters, like Zane, signed up to front this Epic exclusive game. Arma is more than just kick ass vault hunter, her abilities will strike fear into the heart of adversaries. Tooled up with a range of supernatural abilities, Ama is capable of leaving her enemies several types of defeated.

Weaponizing her inherent otherworldly powers, Arma can pulverize enemies using three very distinct skill trees.

Fist of The Elements

This skill tree allows Arma to become a torrent of elemental damage. Using the Phasegrab action skill, this skill tree allows players to hold unsuspecting enemies in place and unload a bewildering array of deadly fire.

Mystical Assault

Players skilling up the assault tree can open with the Phasecast action to crush opponents. Once softened up these enemies of the people will face another range of skills. Rush in, strip down defenses, and just keep adding more damage s you relentlessly advance down this skill tree.


This skill tree is exactly what it sounds like. Activating the Phaseslam action, Arma can tip over enemies and knock them into the air. Brawl specializes in getting up close on personal, interrupting opponents, and making Arma incredibly difficult to kill. If you love being up close and in the action, you’ll want to grab hold of this skill tree.

The Borderlands 3 website has a full rundown of these skill trees and the detail behind The Siren. If you haven’t had a look at the latest outing for vault hunters everywhere then it’s worth heading over to the official website for more details before Borderlands 3 arrives on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on 13 September.


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