Borderlands 3 Minigame Helps Science

A new minigame is now part of Borderlands 3. The arcade minigame is called “Borderlands Science” and it is found in Sanctuary III in Dr. Tannis’ infirmary. Players who engage with the game are assisting McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science, and the Microsetta Initiative in gathering data about “numerous diseases and conditions related to the human gut”. Those who successfully take part will earn a special currency that can be spent on a number of cosmetic rewards or even on buffs to loot quality, stats, etc. during gameplay.

“How?” you may be asking yourself. Fortunately, developers have the lowdown to get you on your way.

Borderlands Science presents you with simple block puzzles based on strands of DNA, and by solving them you’re helping to map and compare the microbes contained therein. Completing these puzzles also earns you in-game currency, which can be redeemed for unique Vault Hunter Heads and Skins as well as timed boosters that buff your stats, loot quality, and even experience gains when you jump back into the mayhem of Borderlands 3 proper.

Borderlands Science exists in part because computers aren’t perfect at organizing this data and make lots of small mistakes that can corrupt subsequent analysis, but the game you play to solve this complex task is easy to understand and play. Colored tiles representing different nucleotides appear on a grid; by nudging them up within their columns, you attempt to organize them into the correct rows. It’s not always possible to line up all of the tiles correctly, but attempting these puzzles is still helpful as you’re identifying errors in real-world computer analyses.

Each of the Borderlands Science puzzles has a target score that you need to hit in order to progress and get credit for solving it. Note that hitting a puzzle’s target score doesn’t mean you have to move on to the next one though; often there will still be additional moves that you can make. Going above and beyond the bare minimum that’s required is key if you want to beat the high scores already posted by Tannis and contribute more data to this important microbe initiative.

Check out the Borderlands 3 “Science” trailer and the official site to learn more.

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