Bossa Presents Adds Two New Titles

Bossa Presents, the community driven game development process, just added two new ideas for us all to check out with They Come At Night & The Few.

Anybody who remembers Pigeon Simulator might also remember the birth of Bossa Studio’s Bossa Presents prototype system. By revealing the wackiest and most promising new pitches to fans of the studio’s other titles, the team are out to find the best new games that might otherwise go unnoticed. Now the UK outfit has added a couple of new early ideas to the list of games for you to get hype over.

They Come At Night

They Come at Night is a dark medieval fantasy where things haven’t entirely gone the way you might expect. The forces of evil have won, which at least means more targets for our on screen heroes as you and your friends build a formidable fortress during the day and prepare for incoming attacks at night. Mixing sword and sorcery with a little alien tech from the stars, They Come At Night is a mash up of traditional fantasy survival RPGs and tower defense sieges. Check out the trailer above for more

The Few

The Few is yet another dark twist on a tale of survival. This new prototype is a co-op survival sim set in a bleak and twisted world. Unlike the fantasy backdrop of They Come At Night, this adventure is a more grounded top down experience, where powerful spells, sword mastery, and lasers won’t hold up to much without a shovel. See what we mean in the trailer for what might be your next new wishlist title.

While there’s no guarantee that any of these titles will end up making it into production, by checking out the official Bossa Presents webpage and registering your interest, these indie ideas might very well make it onto Steam one day.

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