Botany Manor is a Smashing Success, But You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Botany Manor is a Smashing Success, But You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It

Whitethorn Games and Balloon Studios have released a new accolades trailer for Botany Manor. The trailer offers a peek at gameplay features and locations and also features the words of reviewers from around the world and their thoughts about the game. It has racked up impressive scores along the way for its relaxing gameplay and intelligent puzzles. Steam players have rated it “Very Positive,” while Metacritic scores sit at a comfortable 84%.

Players land at Botany Manor, home of renowned botanist Arabella Greene. Players take on the role of Arabella. As they explore the manor, they will find long-forgotten plants that will need some research to make them grow again. The goal is to find clues, notes, books, posters, and other items scattered throughout the grounds. Players will need to determine the needs of each plant. Successful gardeners will unlock other seeds and more.


  • Explore the peaceful grounds and many calming rooms of the beautifully rendered, historically accurate 19th-century manor.
  • Pick up, flip, turn, and rotate the many items found around the estate to piece together the clues to solve each plant-based puzzle.
  • Learn about Arabella’s life, career, and the challenges she faced as a woman scientist during the 19th century as you explore.
  • Fall in love with the calming soundtrack that perfectly compliments the environment and flowers you bring to full bloom.

Check out the Botany Manor official site for more details.


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