Bounty Hunter Role Expands in Red Dead Online

With this week’s update, Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters have even more to do and bigger challenges ahead of them. With the latest patch, those pursuing the Bounty Hunter role will have ten new Prestigious Ranks that will net new Role Items for taking down some of the game’s roughest, toughest outlaws.

Players will have a number of new ways to engage with RDO as a Bounty Hunter:

  • the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License with 10 Ranks of progression added to the 20 that already exist
  • the PBHL adds high-level items and skills to earn, new weapon variants, and horses
  • Infamous Bounty targets now appear on the Bounty Boards
  • at Bounty Hunter Rank 30, players can accumulate Bounty Hunter XP that can be traded for RDO$ and Gold
  • new Bounty Hunters can purchase a license with a 5 Gold Bar discount
  • all Bounty Hunter items up to Rank 20 are 40% off

The first Legendary Bounty is Gene Beau Finley, a bank robber extraordinaire. He is considered heavily armed and dangerous. The gang is potentially harboring captives including “some particularly predatory species”…whatever that means.

In addition to all the Bounty Hunter goodness, players will also find that Outlaw Pass No.4 has arrived. Players can earn new outfits, emotes, camp upgrades, and more. Those who upgrade to No.4 will receive a number of goodies. Everyone who owns Outlaw Pass No.4 this week will score RDO$400 and a 10 Gold Bar rebate.

There are a number of items for sale this week including a stable upgrade, several weapons, a handful of clothing items, and more. And, as always, Prime Members will take home some nice items just for linking their Amazon and Rockstar accounts.

Learn more on the Red Dead Online official site.

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