Bounty Hunters score extra XP in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online can score some serious bonus XP all week thanks to the arrival of a new event running from now through February 24th. During this time, all Bounty Missions, including the Legendary Bounties and Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events, will yield an extra 50% Role XP.

Showdown Mode will reward all RDO players taking part with a 50% XP Boost as well. “Team up with a squad of hot-handed crackshots in this week’s featured series, Gun Rush: Teams. Blast your way through an ever-shrinking battle area littered with horses, weaponry, and Armor to be the last team left alive.”

For those looking for a less deadly way to take home a 50% XP Boost, they can do so in all  Races through February 24th.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has a number of discounts this week including:

  • Bounty Hunter variants of the Schofield Revolver and Bolt-Action Rifle
  • 30% off the LeMat Revolver and Repeating Shotgun
  • 30% off the cost of the Reinforced Lasso

Check out all of the details on the Red Dead Online official site.

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