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Who needs fancy toys and gizmos when you have a fully formed box figure toy to play with? When you decide that kids need a new way to use their imagination you come up with a toy named Box Kid, but the catch is that no one thinks it will be a good toy. This new toy gets thrown out with all of the garbage and it’s time for him to come to life and defeat the maze of puzzles. This is our review for Box Kid Adventures.

Box Kid Adventures is a top-down puzzle game created by T-Rex Interactive and published by This title is cut from the same cloth as the old NES game, Lolo. Also a puzzle game, it helped me learn critical thinking as a kid, and now a new generation of kids will get to have the same experience that I did with Box Kid.

Box Kid Adventures 2

Much like Lolo, Box Kid Adventures takes you through different floors, each with four levels to get through and they are all progressively more difficult than the previous one. The levels are colorful and utilize cartoon graphics for everything on the map. 8-bit never gets old with this type of gameplay and it fits the Meta perfectly for how it plays out. As you move from level to level you will be greeted by different puzzles that differ greatly from one another. You will be able to move objects like boxes and bombs into the appropriate positions to block enemies or destroy objects like lasers and fans.

Box Kid is set up to use both mouse and keyboard, and also a gamepad, which is my preferred method of playing the game. It is far easier to move around the map with your joypad, and the mappings are more effective than how the keyboard ones are set. There is one setting in the game that is a lot different than the Lolo type game of the past, rewind. In this title, if you have an issue because you miss moved an object, or because you died, you can opt to restart the map or rewind it a few steps. Rewind feels a little cheap when I use it, but it has saved me a lot of time over restarting the whole map.

Box Kid Adventures 3

I have loved just about every part of the game that I have played so far, and it challenges my thought processes just like Lolo used to. If you like critical thinking, and you like to be challenged then a game like this is exactly what you need. The harder the level is, the more accomplishment you feel when you beat it and move on to the next one. If these levels don’t challenge you enough, go ahead and make your own levels with the included level editor, and you can share your puzzles with others. This gives you a whole new aspect of the game to explore as you test your skills in other players’ created worlds.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Box Kid Adventures is a game that the NES generation who played Lolo can get into and the younger generations can get their first taste of this type of puzzle game to fall in love with. For $9.99 on Steam, you can’t go wrong with the purchase. I have enjoyed playing this game so much that I just want to keep going level to level.
  • Great graphics
  • Difficult, but fun puzzles
  • Interesting story
  • Rewind takes some of the fun out of the game
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