Boxing Champs Steps Into Nintendo’s Ring Now

Boxing Champs is out now on Nintendo Switch. Ringing the bell and picking an opponent, this plucky Punch-Out! inspired title looks like a riot.

Developed by Raz Games and clearly inspired by boxing games of the 8-Bit era, Boxing Champs is less Wii Fit and more arcade action. Originally battling for success on Steam, this title is a mix of arcade action with more traditional boxing mechanics. Throwing competitors into the ring, it features a variety of challenges and blow by blow control of your very own fighter.

Ready to Rumble

30 preset characters are available to wield, as well as a custom character creator. 70+ hairstyles, hair color, body color, body type, gloves, shorts, and boxer stats allow players to build their very own champion before stepping into career mode or multiplayer mode. Local multiplayer gives friends a chance to hammer out their differences. Competitors have full player control over punch selection, combinations, and knockouts as fights break out, making Boxing champs more than just a simple button basher. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this also includes JoyCoon support. Hopefully, I’m wrong and we will be able to throw some uppercuts across the front room. You can check out more of this gameplay in the trailer above.

If you have fond memories of those Punch-Out moments then you can expect to reminisce here. Take those memories on the road to fight in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, the Downtown Gym – or the Boxing Champs Arena. With the new Nintendo Switch version of this brawler, you can even take the Downtown Gym to your own downtown gym.

If you are interested in getting some mat time in without the burn, then Boxing Champs is out now on Nintendo Switch. You can find out more on the game’s official website and the Nintendo eShop.

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