BPM: Bullets Per Minute Comes To Console Next Month

BPM: Bullet Per Minute comes to console next month, bringing this rhythmic shooter to PlayStation and Xbox systems on 5 October.

Following on from an initial PC launch via Steam, BPM: Bullets Per Minute is set to unleash an arsenal of perfectly timed destruction on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Arriving on 5 October and striking up destruction, this frenetic rhythm FPS from Awe Interactive and Playtonic’s new publishing arm is a little unlike most shooters. While crunching soundtracks and bullet hell are commonplace in the FPS genre, few require the dedication to move with the beat that this does. Feeling like something between Crypt of The Necrodancer and DOOM this new incarnation of Bullets Per Minute will add more than just a copy paste of the PC original.

Console owners are set to get all the additional content that has been rolled out by Awe Interactive since BPM hit PCs last year. This includes five brand new characters that let you play in a new unique way, three devastating new weapons to encourage more beat based destruction, a brand new chapter with its own unique challenges, two new difficulties, and a mixture of brand new items, achievements, and assorted alterations to enhance the overall experience

That experience will ramp all the away up to 4k @ 60fps on next-gen consoles, via backward compatibility, so PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X owners can enjoy amazing visuals as well as an epic rock soundtrack. If you’re interested in seeing what 10 unique characters, over 60 equipable items, a variety of weapons and some seriously big boss battles look like set to a high tempo beat then check out the trailer up above before this very different dungeon crawler shoots onto consoles next month. Alternatively have a look at the official Bullets Per Minute website for more.

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