BPM: Bullets Per Minute Reveals Double Barrel Breakbeats

Get ready to lock and load those riffs. Awe Interactive just unveiled BPM: Bullets Per Minute, a Rhythm FPS rogue-like coming to PC this summer.

As if yesterday’s new about Gun Jam wasn’t enough bullet based first-person action, Awe Interactive, an indie outfit helmed by one of the lead designers responsible for The Turing test, just dropped a trailer for Bullets Per Minute. This roguelike shooter is set to arrive on PC platforms sometime during summer 2020 and takes a less than a traditional twist on the ever-expanding genre mashups that seem to define the rogue-like experience. Placing players in the arms of a Valkyrie, the game spawns a range of randomly generated dungeons that players will take on with an obscenely overpowered series of weapons. The catch, the rocking soundtrack that accompanies this first-person slaughter-fest is more than decoration.


Epic Riffs And Explosive Shells

As the riffs spill out onto the floor so do the bodies. Gamers navigating a dungeon must fire in time with the beat of the music that echos along the hallways. Assisted by an on-screen prompt, players should try to keep to the beat or a misfire could mean death. The point of this whole proceeding is to reach the end of a dungeon, collecting a range of different weapons, upgrades, and abilities each time you play. With 5 different characters available, over 40 items available to equip, and 7differnt boss encounter there should be plenty of action for anybody who has chewed their way through the season’s big fps shooters lately.

We’re pretty hyped about the potential of Bullets Per Minute and the trailer is definitely worth a look. In addition to the PC reveal and Steam Store page, the announcement by Awe also confirmed that consoles will be getting a chance to rock into BPM in the winter. We don’t have any more details on that but PC players can head over to the BPM: Bullets Per Minute Steam Store for more information and to pick their Valkyrie.

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