Braga Clause spreads Christmas cheer in Astellia


MMORPG fans are no strangers to awesome holiday-themed events in their favorite game. Astellia players will be happy to hear that Braga Clause has landed in-game which heralds the beginning of special Christmas events.  Players will take flight to a brand new “appropriately decorated” zone where they will complete themed quests and score a bunch of cool stuff along the way. The event is currently underway and will run through January 7th.

Check out this list of activities:

  • Event Quests
    • Login and play to receive rewards over the course of your play session.
      • 5 Minutes: 1 Roast Turkey (+10% EXP Character for 30 min)
      • 30 Minutes: 2 Atra Tonic
      • 60 Minutes: 1 Roast Turkey (+10% EXP Character for 30 min)
      • 120 Minutes: 1 Greater Astel Card Pack
    • Main Event Quest
      • You can enter the Snow Valley(Event zone) through the Snow Captain Pimpi which is located in every major town (same location as Halloween Event NPCs). Decorate a christmas tree to earn event tokens (Golden Stars), Asper, and Experience!
    • Daily Quests
      • Help a poor Pimpi that has become frozen in the winter’s chill thaw out to earn Golden Christmas Bells, Christmas gift boxes, and more!
      • No one likes a thief, but even worse is one who’s stolen Christmas presents! Track down the presents and return them to their owner for Golden Christmas Bells, Christmas gift boxes, and more!
  • Dungeon Changes (During Event)
    • Legendary 1.1 and 1.2 Dungeons difficulty will be reduced during the event period, the item drop rates will remain unchanged.
    • Legendary items can now drop within all level 50 dungeons (solo & party) during the event period.

Along the way, players can earn special event tokens called Golden Stars which can be used at a new vendor. Tokens can be traded for the Thunder Cross Hat, the Merry Christmas title, Christmas Candies and Cake that provide special buffs, and Roast Turkey for extra EXP gains.

Check out the full details on the Astellia official site.


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