Brave X Lord Arrives In The West

Brave X Lord has arrived in the US and Canada today, just in time for a new adventure on iOS and Android.

For anybody that has just about finished off the latest Final Fantasy VII remake and looking for their next eastern RPG fix then Brave X Lord has possibly arrived just in time. The hit Japanese mobile RPG comes form development studio Applibot and features talent from a host of Final Fantasy veterans. The on the go, or stay at home, handheld adventure is a time-old tale of good versus evil that will pull players into a3D world of magic and new heroes. Evil forces led by the villainous Quo Vadis invade the Languin Kingdom, leaving the land torn asunder and laying waste to its castle. Framed for treason and murder, the protagonists of this story are forced into exile and it is up to players to guide them towards a path of justice.

Alongside the 3D world and narrative adventure, players can also recruit allies to battle the dark that hangs over this land. A roster of 32 character classes and 64 weapons allow gamers to build an unstoppable army of comrades who can challenge each of the game’s 18 bosses. Battlefield combat purports to combine strategic decisions with free movement, as well as manual control of the game’s front lines. The ability to AFK in this Arena is available but the inclusion of option intervention on the player’s part seems like an added bonus.

“BLADE XLORD’s goal is to provide something for everyone: an emotional high fantasy story for RPG fans, idle options for the busiest among us, and challenges for our most competitive players,” said Kazunari Ebihara, Producer (Overseas Markets), Applibot. “Our Japanese fans have enjoyed this combination, and we are confident our new fans in the United States and Canada will become hooked as well.”

With over 10 million downloads in Japan, an epic score, detailed 3D environments high fantasy of eastern animators is likely to strike a chord with fans of Japanese classic RPGs. If not, then you could wait for NieR Re[in]carnation, Applibot’s other big-budget mobile title. Check out more about Brave X Lord over on the official website now and save a kingdom.


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