BraveNine Story Gets Festive With Holiday Content

BraveNine Story Gets Festive With Holiday Content

BraveNine Story gets festive this season with a brand new bunch of holiday content ahead of the holiday weekend.

Neowiz just announced a tons of new seasonal content for their visual novel RPG BraveNine Story. The Brave Nine spin off recently launched on western shores, but the mobile adventure is already getting festive between now and 5 January. While some of us might be busy shopping for last minute gifts or checking out the year’s biggest games, anybody who picked up BraveNine Story can experience a brand new Christmas Substory, unlock a specially-themed costume for completing it, and receive free in-game goodies for logging in during a trio of attendance events.

The new Christmas Hiring event introduces the tale of a brand new mercenary. This newbie comes with a request from Santa and sets off on a quest that provides players with numerous substories to complete. If all are finished ahead of January 3rd, players will unlock the epic Santa Costume as a reward.

If you’re more laid back this month, then there are rewards just for turning on and logging in. The community will also enjoy the three special New Year attendance events. Those opting to log in for these special events will receive in-game gifts, including Roxanna’s Box, Red Slime, Diamond, Arena Sword, and Ink.

BraveNine Story is the perfect winter chill out for fans of the BraveNine series. Set in the same universe as the original, that just turned 5 years old, the new Brave Nine tale takes a left turn from the established turn based battler, instead plunging players into a visual novel RPG. Available now on iOS and Android, you can find out more about this free to paly title on the official website now.

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