S2 Games Presents “What Is Brawl Of Ages” Trailer

S2 Games published a new video for its Steam Early Access collectible card arena game Brawl of Ages. The video in question goes into great details aboutthe game as well as how it differs from other titles out there.

What is Brawl of Ages?

The title is a real-time collectibe card game with focus on PvP. It offers wide variety of powerful cards for players to collect. The gameplay will be fast in its pace and easy to understand so players can dive right in.

Players can expect to find over 85 different cards as well as mix of features from RTS, MOBA, RPG and Tower Defense titles.

Featuring many unique & stylish personalities from the Strife universe, this short tutorial on how to play Brawl will help get you up to speed if you’re a new player. If you’re a veteran player, consider sharing this with a friend who wants to learn more!

The title is free-to-play and is currently available in Steam Early Access. For more information follow the Steam link or check out the video above.

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