Brigandine Demo Lands for Nintendo Switch


Fans of turn-based tactical JRPGs may be interested to hear that a brand new demo for Brigandine – The Legend of Runersia has landed in the Nintendo Eshop. The demo includes a playthrough of the tutorial and one trial.

During the tutorial, players will learn combat mechanics that may be new to players of turn-based games. In addition, players will get a look at the game’s more unique features including invasion, troop movement, and occupation.

During the trial portion of the demo, players will work alongside one kingdom’s prince with the goal of occupying seven bases or playing through ten “seasons”. The caveat here is that any progress made during the demo version will not be saved or carried over once the game is released on June 25th.

Check out the Brigandine Nintendo Eshop page to learn more.

About Brigandine – The Legend of Runersia

In Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia, six countries in the Continent of Runersia have waged a war to conquer and unify the land under one nation. Players decide how their legend will unfold by selecting a country and creating their army of Rune Knights, exploring over 40 base locations, and encountering over 100 unique knights and 50 types of monsters as they progress across Runersia.

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