Bring A Friend For The Bowling Crew Friendly Match Update

bowling crew friendly matches

Bowling Crew, the mobile bowling sim from Wargaming, just got a game changing new update today, adding friendly matches to the competition.

For those that haven’t got their bowling shoes on, Bowling Crew is an on the go competitive pin smashing title. Featuring a whole host of 3D animations, distinctive lanes, and flashy animations, players can go head to head in Quick-fire 1v1 online competition. While this might not quite be Wargaming’s World of Series, this online bowling game seems to have struck it lucky with a positive response on mobile marketplaces.

Now, players picking up their bowl for some competitive action will find a new feature available in the latest update to Bowling Crew. Gamers can take on their own social sphere without the risk of going into ranked competition with the Friendly Matches. Gamers looking to get involved in a no lose scenario can kick off a friendly match in the latest update using Friendly Match coupons, available using in game gold, by inviting players to the game, or exchanging gifts with friends. Once you’ve setup a match you and your buddies can go toe to toe across any of the themed lanes you have already unlocked and take on a range of the game’s unconventional pin configurations. To get a taste, check out the teaser video below.

While the newest update to bowling Crew isn’t going to drop any more rewards or involve extra season passes, it is intended to allow you to just play for the fun of it. If you want to try out a friendly game of bowling then Bowling Crew is available on iOS and Android via the iOS App Store and Android Play Store now. Find out more about the game and the new update over at the official webstie now.

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