Broken Ranks MMO Got Marketplace in the Recent Update

Broken Ranks MMO Got Marketplace in the Recent Update

The developers of MMORPG Broken Ranks have released a new update, Patch 2.16. In it, the game received a variety of fixes and new additions such as the Marketplace.

Gone are the days of spamming the chat and rushing to meet your buyer/seller. You can access the Marketplace by by clicking the icon in the main UI. Sellings items and managing your account are possible via the deposit.

Additionally, the game received the quest Infiltration – you can take it from the Corpse in the house on the Dmorther Cliff if you are level 84 or higher.

The developers have also introduced the Plague Doctor skin set – helmet, body armor, legguards, boots, cape, and staff for male and female characters in four color variants.

Check out the official site to see the full patch notes and the changes made to the game.

About Broken Ranks:

Broken Ranks is a story about uniting a scattered nation. It is the tale of a refugee searching for their place in a new world. It is the history of a hero who needs to find strength to restore what the invaders took away from them. It is the record of a brutal reality that brings not only challenges but also opportunities.

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