Broomstick League Early Access Lift Off

Hop on board as Blue Isle Studios gets BroomStick League off the ground and puts the title into Early Access on PC today

If you’ve always wanted to get up into the skies and felt that arena games like Rocket League just weren’t quite magical enough then Broomstick league is finally available to buy. The title which has absolutely nothing to do with a certain wizarding world and its particular aerial acrobatics brings its own variety of high flying competitive sports to PCs after some lengthy testing. Originally hitting Beta back at the end of 2019, this competitive title is now live and you can get in on the action over on the official Steam Store page.

“Broomstick League brings the popular competitive sports genre to a world where wizards reign the skies – we plan to finish its development in Early Access with an already passionate community who joined us during our closed and open beta tests,” said, Alex Tintor, managing director of Blue Isle Studios. “It’s been exciting to see big name streamers and competitive players go at it in the arenas and provide us with valuable feedback as we’ve readied the game for this launch phase.”

For those of you that haven’t played Rocket league or pledged to Slytherin, Broomstick League is a competitive arena game that pits teams of up to 3 players against each other in an attempt to score as many goals as possible. While perched atop a flying broomstick and firing off magical curses at opponents, players must catch, pass, and intercept a ball in play and ultimately pass it through a goal. It all sounds like a rather reasonable fare but thinking in three dimensions, flying, and trying to pass all at once certainly makes me sympathize with poor old Khan Noonien Singh.

For anybody ready to jump on board this Early Access title, check out the trailer above for a glimpse of the action or head over to the official Steam Store page to grab the game with a 10% discount. Sorry, witches and wizards with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait a little longer. Back to the ground based quidditch for you.

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