Brown Dust Companion Update Gets Friendly

Brown Dust, one of my more well-received mobile RPGs is about to introduce a huge new update. Get ready to say hello to the Brown Dust Companion Update.

Things can get a little lonely playing with the weight of the world on your shoulders. You might see off some evil knights or defend a village but leadership can have its own drawbacks. Now Neowiz is about to remedy that one. Players of mobile RPG Brown Dust are about to get their very own companion. In this new Companion Update, Brown Dust gives players the chance to add brand new Companion units to their already brimming barracks. Available using the same recruitment methods that players will already recognize, these units are each bonded to a unique Mercenary and add some invaluable upgrades.

Skill Gap Skill Cap

Once acquired, these new additions raise the Skill Level Cap of their counterpart merc from +10 to +15. Beyond traversing this skill gap, the companions all come with their own back story and lore. As you watch them visibly progress and grow you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about each Companion nit’s backstory and lore. What’s even better is these should all be available without scrolls or diamonds, using the Fate System.

This isn’t all that the new update will bring. After player feedback Neowiz will tweak the pull rates for a number of items. The rate for Mercenaries and their accompanying Companions should go up noticeably and Chance-Up Banners will now guarantee a ★5 Companion after a number of attempts.

If you haven’t heard of Brown Dust, this mobile RPG hit mobiles back at the beginning of 2019 and impressed us when we got to grips with it. The diverse range of characters and grid-based tactical combat has surprising depth and this might be the best time since launch to jump in. As Brown Dust nears 500 days since its global launch, Neowiz is adding a whole bunch of new events over July and August. Players who log in will find a bunch of login rewards, a 5-star Mercenary, Diamonds, and more. If you’re interested in finding a little companionship you can check out the new update over on the official web page. Brown Dust is out now on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.


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