Brown Dust Gets Children of Darkness Update

Brown Dust, the turn-based mobile RPG from Neowiz, is going continental with its latest Children of Darkness Update and German language launch.

Guten Tag Damen und Heren. The latest update to Brown Dust is here and its a little more than the normal mix of new loot and new warriors. This time German language support has arrived for this side-scrolling adventure. Based in a kingdom ravaged by turmoil, Brown Dust follows the exploits of the player character as they build a band of mercenaries and hunt out a series of undesirables all with their own evil intent. With a mix of deck building, turn-based combat, and strategic gameplay, Brown dust surprised us when it launched earlier in the year.

Now, new players can take on a range of special events t celebrate the launch of the German language launch. With an influx of new players, Neowiz has kicked off a Run SeiR Run event from 13 June to 9 July that s intended to give new players a boost up and bags of extra loot. For players that are a little more established, the Evil Castle has a new challenge to overcome. The Evil Castle event also begins on 13 June and ends on 10 Jun. It will reward players for a range of timed challenges and floor clears with extra reward.

The Brown Dust Gets Children of Darkness update isn’t just about updating existing dungeons with new levels of difficulty. A trio of new mercenaries enters the fray on launch, as seems to be customary for Brown Dust. The full break down of the trio can be found below

• 5-star Defender, with a high chance to be grazed by attacks
• Grazed attacks reduces incoming damage up to 100%!

• 5-star Supporter, boosts offense and applies regen in a X-shaped area, giving the central target a taunt.
• Her support skill is boosted based on the number of allies’ graves on the battlefield.

• 4-star Magician, specializes in massive AOE damage attacks.
• Artistic Explosion Skill applies claw bombs to enemies when they attack her

If you haven’t heard of Brown Dust check out our review here. You can download Brown Dust on iOS and Android for free or check out more details about the game on the official website.

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