Browser-Based Games to Keep You Entertained During Lockdown

Browser Games

The danger brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many countries and regions to initiate lockdown measures to contain this virulent disease. This means that to be safe, most people are staying at home. This also means that after the basic needs are met, entertainment becomes the next priority. Exploring different browser-based games can be your answer to cabin fever.

A browser game is a video game that is played on the internet using a web browser. They are usually free to play and maybe single or multiplayer games. One great thing about browser games is that you do not need to download them.

Browser Games for Winning Money

For some people playing games need to have some kind of wager involved otherwise it is too tame and will not have enough thrill. These are people who may enjoy driving out to the Casino to enjoy the slots and table games. With most places being under lockdown this is no longer a viable option. As seen on allvideoslots Canada it is possible to enjoy the thrill of playing in a casino from the safety and comfort of your own home. All you need is to have a somewhat steady internet connection and then you can begin finding an online casino with a good offer and a safe platform. What is great about online casinos is that they have all the games you would normally play in a casino and you also have the chance to win money.

Browser Games 1

Browser Games for Fun

There are countless browser games that you can play for fun. There is something for everybody. Here are some of them, which you can try to see if you like them:

  • Isleward – a low-resolution classic adventure game where you can explore an island and kill monsters
  • Fallen London – dig up secrets about the underground and complete odd jobs
  • Io – you are a snake that gets bigger as you eat more dots
  • Kingdom of Loathing – a fun game that allows you to make choices that have a great impact on your character and the kingdom
  • Treasure Arena – the battle for treasure inside a dungeon
  • Prodigy – you are a wizard battling creatures and bosses
  • RuneScape – be part of a medieval world where you can level up
  • No Brakes – you can use your arrow keys to race with other players
  • BrowserQuest – explore a digital world where you can defeat enemies and collect loot from them
  • Pokémon Showdown – an online battle simulator for the popular game
  • Neopets – you can have pets and take care of them with neo cash
  • Flow Colors – an online puzzle game involving different colors
  • Apple Worm – you are a worm trying to overcome obstacles to eat apples
  • World’s Hardest Game – This is an extremely difficult game

Browser Games 2

A simple search can connect you to the browser game of your choice. When that game loses its charm you can find another one. Of course, during this time of lockdown our first priority is to be healthy by ensuring that we have sufficient supplies and enough exercise at home. Our next priority is to be entertained because keeping our spirits high also keeps our immune system high. Games do not need to be so complicated. A simple browser-based game can be what keeps you entertained and happy throughout this time of lockdown.

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