BTS Universe Story Trailer Teases A New Mobile Game For The Army

Netmarble, the publisher that brought BTS World and Lineage 2 Revolution to small screens, has just dropped a trailer for a brand new adventure, BTS Universe Story.

Coming to mobiles on iOS and Android, the new BTS Universe Story looks set to be a different kind of experience to the current mobile title BTS World. Instead of allowing fans to manage and influence BTS on their rise to stardom, BTS Universe Story looks set to tell something of a more interactive tale.

This new tale allows fans of BTS to take part in a variety of interactive tales throughout the game. Using a number of stories, based on the BTS Universe, BTS Universe Story allows players to craft their own story using a Story Creation Mode. By utilizing a range of in game tools, you’ll do more than just walk through this title.

For fans that still want a taste of the mobile collection mechanics in BTS World, BTS Universe Story is set to include its own collection system. In Collection mode, players can horde clothes and accessories to style the characters in the BTS Universe, along with the capability to capture AR photos with their own customized characters.

BTS Universe Story’s nearly ten-minute long trailer gives fans of the Korean act a glimpse of the stage you’ll step into when it arrives on mobiles. It seems to suggest the occurrence of certain events within the game and includes the exchange of a mysterious photo of the BTS Universe characters with the ocean. While t’s not entirely clear what this means, it’s safe to say social media are likely to work it out before I do. BTS Universe Story is aiming to climb the App Store charts when it releases globally on 24 September. You can pre-register now and find out more over on the BTS Universe Story website.

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