BTS x MapleStory Designed Items Unveiled In All Their Glory

Maplestory just unveiled the upcoming BTS x Maplestory in-game items for the first time today.

Fans of the utterly massive band BTS might have noticed that we covered the announcement of a BTS x Maplestory. The long-running MMORPG is due to welcome Army to iconic MMO on 16 December when the BTS crossover event kicks off. Now we know what the event means for in game items in Maplestory. The unveil trailer now gives us a glimpse at how the BTS event items will looks when this new event kicks off soon.

As part of a three-part video series, the members of BTS each designed their own MapleStory outfit items stemming from their favorite MapleStory memories. The collaboration drops in a whole bunch of designs that fans will recognise, including packages including “[BTS] Mikrokosmos,” “[BTS] Army Bomb” and the “[BTS] Black Swan Master Package.” You can check out the creative process below.


The full list of upcoming items is available over on the official BTS x Maplestory website includes up to 23 items in the top tier package with 4 extra bonus add ins for players grabbing the Signature add in. While we will have to wait to see even more about how the event unfolds with more information likely before 16 December,m you can head over to the official Maplestory website to prepare for your new adventure.

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