Build Your New Escape With The Settlement Survival Demo

Settlement Survival Screenshot

Settlement Survival, a low poly survival city-builder from Gleamer Studios, is getting a demo just in time for Next Fest.

Taking slice of life farming sims and adding a slightly harsher edge, city-building survival sim Settlement Survival is about to give players an opportunity to build their own escape in the country as the game arrives at Next Fest. As part of October’s Next Fest, Settlement Survival also gets a Steam Demo next month, introducing players to a mix of low poly graphics, resource management, and city building that might require a few decisions that might make your average Sim squirm.

Leading a band of digital people on a quest to find a new home, players picking up the upcoming Settlement Survival demo will pick a spot and shape the landscape in preparation. You’ll carve out the land, join rivers, form lakes and use those same resources in an effort to establish a brand new town. While laying the foundations for your town might seem easy, how you distribute each settlement will help determine how you survive a range of natural challenges and disasters. Each town can benefit from a huge tech tree, with a range of development routes and unique blueprints to customize the view and push the economy in a particular direction. If you want a real challenge, there is even an option to experience some of history’s real-life disasters and find out if your citizens can survive.

Shortly after Next Fest wraps up, anybody fancying themselves as mayor can pick up Settlement Survival when it launches on 15 October. Get ready for a new life over on the official Steam Store page and grab a ticket to this new world for $14.99 when it arrives.

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