Bungie previews the next Destiny 2 raid

Destiny 2 is off to a hot start in its new life on Steam. More players than ever are logging in to take part in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter that has now expanded with Shadowkeep. One of the anchors of Shadowkeep is the Garden of Salvation raid that will be opening this weekend.

Garden of Salvation sends players to the Vex stronghold where a new threat has landed. Eris Morn warns players that the Black Garden is filled with danger. Players will face off against the Vex that are trying to rewrite history and against The Darkness. The raid is packed with puzzles, platforming, and hordes of baddies that are just as intent on taking out Guardians.

The raid is primed for launch on Saturday, October 5th at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. Players hoping to participate will need to be up to 890 power score so there’s still a day left to grind out that gear, though with the caveat that 920 power is the cap to ensure no one’s too OP. Oh, and don’t plan on the Jotunn weapon either. For the first day, it’s banned due to being over-effective against enemies and bosses.

Of course, players can look forward to a number of cool items and loot for completing the raid.

As with every D2 raid, the race will be on for the world first clear and there is sure to be tons of streaming on Twitch. Groups that finish the raid in the first 24-hours will receive an emblem patch and everyone that finishes before October 15th will have the option to purchase a raid jacket.

Learn more about the Garden of Salvation on the Destiny 2 official site.

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