Buried Stars Is Not Your Normal Murder Mystery Novel

Buried Stars is out now and this murder mystery mash up is looking for a headline slot on your PC playlist.

Buried Stars might not be on your radar but Line Game’s new visual novel might be worth a look as it arrives on PC, via Steam. The new narrative title is far more than a stage ready facade, as it follows the fate of a group of contestants when a live audition show goes horribly wrong. After a disaster of some sort, the contestants turned victims communicate with each other, through texts and social media, while waiting for the rescue team’s arrival. Unfortunately, another danger emerges on set. A murder spree seems set to turn the newfound friends against each other n a thrilling race for survival.

Buried Stars is the work of Line game’s in-house development team Studio LARGO, and first arrived on PlayStation (PS4, PS VITA) and Nintendo Switch platforms in July 2020. The move over onto PC offers up a mystery adventure game unlike many we’ve seen. The unusual mix of found phone systems, survival horror, and gorgeous Persona style graphics won it two awards for Excellence Prize and Planning/Scenario at 2020 Korea Game Awards and was selected as the Best PC/Console Winner at MWU (Made with Unity) Award 2021.

If you think you can get through to the next round in Buried Stars, check out the official trailer above or head over to the Steam Store page where it will set you back $39.99 or local equivalent.

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