Call of Duty: WW2 “The Resistance” DLC Coming in Early 2018


If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: WW2, you’ll be pleased to hear that the first major DLC pack for the game will be coming to PC in February. You’ll find three new multiplayer maps, the new War Mode  mission and a brand new Zombies chapter.

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Call of Duty: The Resistance

Maps include:

  • Anthropoid – set in Prague and centered on the events around the 1942 assassination of Germany’s General Reinhard Heydrick
  • Occupation – a reimagination of CoD: Modern Warfare 3’s Resistance map set in Paris
  • Valkyrie – inspired by The Wolf’s Lair Hitler assassination attempt during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union

War Mode is “an urban rescue mission” where you’ll work to rescue resistance fighters who are aboard transport trains. Allies will free them and destroy communications equipment. If you’re on the opposite side, you’ll be working to thwart those efforts.

Lastly, The Darkest Shore is the new Zombies chapter.

PlayStation 4 players will have the DLC in hand on January 30th, but PC and XBox One players will have to wait until February. There is no exact date presented.

Learn more about the game, and check out more news, on our hub page.

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