Camp W kicks off a Summer Adventure 25 July

Camp W

Earlier this year we took a close look at Crossing Souls, a charming indie adventure that oozed style and came at just the right time to play on our own Saturday morning memories. Now, creative Studio Psyop has unveiled the release date for its own nostalgic adventure. Camp W is out today, July 25.

Available on both PC and Mac, Camp W is a mix of Saturday morning cartoon aesthetics and visual novel mechanics. As a young witch attending summer camp, players must intrude upon the mortal realm, cast spells, and build friendships all while keeping the forces of evil from ruining the camp. A whole host of characters are available to interact with, allowing players to build connections through the game’s own friending simulator. Choosing the characters to befriend might become critical and allows you to explore a rich backstory for each of them.

Camp W is not all about marshmallows around the campfire, however. A mystery awaits that will uncover secrets about the witching world and will shape your experience. 12 spells, a host of collectibles, and a deep narrative are all included in a game that clearly aims to tell a tale that everyone can relate to, as described by the team’s creative director Kelly Shay.

“This is a game that is silly, spooky, and fun, but also full of heart. It’s about being a little bit weird, and discovering that, when you take a bunch of outsiders and put them together, it turns out that you’re all on the inside of your own community of weirdos, which people in the gaming and animation community already know is an absolutely spectacular group to be a part of. That’s who I think we are behind this game, and that’s who I hope finds and connects with Camp W.”

Camp W is out 25 July on Steam. You can find out more on the game’s official website.

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