Campaign Co-op & Multiplayer Added to Iron Harvest

Deep Silver and KING Art Games have announced that campaign co-op and multiplayer have arrived for its new RTS, Iron Harvest. The first 3v3 map, The Great Wastes, has been added to the game to allow players to take one another on in a head-to-head battle for supremacy. Those preferring cooperative gameplay can engage the game world together. Lastly, localization has been added for all three factions, German, Russian, and Polish, after developers worked with over 100 voice actors to help add an additional layer of immersion. With the native faction languages added, players can experience the game as realistically as possible.

“Thanks to this effort from KING Art the native language feature throws players right into the middle of this European conflict and they can dive even deeper into the thrilling storyline. It’s truly amazing seeing my artwork and the world I worked on coming to life in this way. For me personally, I wouldn’t play it in any other way than with the native languages for each faction. It just adds so much to the experience,” said Jakub Rozalski, the artist behind the world of 1920+. 

Over the coming weeks, devs will be adding more content including:

  • a new 2v2 map
  • game glossary
  • Ranked mode
  • auto-cast abilities
  • a new 1v1 map

Learn more about Iron Harvest by visiting its official site.

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