Can Playing Games Really Be Beneficial for Us?


Playing games plays a very important role in improving cognitive health and helping in brain development. Even though some people might argue that playing games such as video games are lazy, research has shown that it helps a lot in both children and adults.

Gaming allows players to complete different tasks while at the same time practicing certain cognitive skills that develop their memories, logic, attention span, and thinking. These games range from video games, board games, and puzzles. They vary in difficulty and help in different ways.

This means that people do not play games just for fun, but to reap the benefits they bring to the brain. They also help in improving our problem-solving skills, reasoning, and improving our abstract thinking capabilities.

There are different games that we can play and reap all these benefits. They include;

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers can be defined as a type of brain game or puzzle that involves lateral thinking. This means that when solving such a puzzle, one needs to use their brain, hence creating an innovative thought process.

They come in different levels of difficulty with their main objective being to improve our critical thinking. Solving these games helps in boosting the power of our brains, strengthening our memory capabilities while at the same time entertaining us.

Word Searches

Word search games might be among the most boring games, but they play a crucial role in keeping a mind active. When working on game word searches, one is supposed to look at a number of letters to come up with a word. The entire process sharpens our reasoning skills.

In addition to sharpening our reasoning skills, word searches help in improving our concentration skills. This is because when one starts working on a puzzle, it gets difficult to quit until they finish. Since some people struggle with easily forgetting things, word searches keep them focussed, giving their brains some form of exercise.

Logic Puzzles

There are different types of logic puzzles ranging from Sudokus, matrix puzzles, mystery stories, and crosswords. They all help us in many ways, key among them challenging our brains.

They do this by giving us a number of clues through which we should come up with a solution. When engaging our brains to come up with a solution, we improve our critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning capabilities.

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Visual Brain Games

These are games that require visual thinking when coming up with a solution. They are also known as visual brain teasers. With these types of games, the player is given a picture with different patterns and certain objects that they need to spot or identify.

When spotting the objects and identifying the different patterns with the picture, the players develop their abstract thinking and creativity skills. At the same time, they improve their problem-solving capabilities.

Board Games

Board games are among the oldest games that are still being played today. The common ones include classic board games such as checkers and chess. We also have some modern online-based board games.

Playing board games helps in improving the decision-making skills of our brains while at the same time developing our planning and critical thinking skills. They stimulate the brain to develop our complex thinking and memory retention.

Optical Illusions

Optical illusion games come in the form of images that change into different objects or that have more than one meaning. A player is required to identify all the meanings that the image represents.

When playing optical illusion games, we are able to train our brains to think deeper and see things differently. They (optical illusion games) give us good mental training that in the long run, improves our thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Playing games is not a reserve for children. Even though it is very important for them, it is also beneficial to adults. Having a fully functional brain and developing the skills discussed above can be very crucial in our everyday life.

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