Can some video games help us socialize?

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There has always been a constant debate on whether video games are good or bad. According to a study done by American Psychology Association playing games, even violent shooter games may actually be beneficial. In the review, it is fair to say that games boost children’s health and social interacting skills. However, we all know that even adults play video games. For instance, we are sure you have tried out a good casino promo code at one point of time or the other.

A Look at the Statistics

For instance, in the US more than 72% of the teens play video games either on their phones, computer, PC or console. The evolution of technology has seen video games eliminate the need for people to be in the same room in order to play against one another.

Video games have created virtual communities due to the love of one game. Online multiplayer games have gone on to encourage the need for interaction. Actually, on some occasions, it demands that socialization. This has led to the formation of long-lasting relationships among gamers.

Parents often worry that video games have negative effects, especially on kids. This can be attributed to the studies which point out that video games decrease social responsibility among players. Ancient video game studies have continued to point out that video games give people poor morals and they end up being aggressive.

Do You Need Video Games to Socialize?

At one point of time, the focus for most studies was on the detrimental effects of playing video games. A lot has changed since then.

More current studies continue to champion the need of video games in our lives. A game provides the right tools for communication. As said earlier video games help in the development of virtual communities. People get to interact and communicate with each other either through the phone, email, IRC or even face to face.

Sharing the same value and goals is what keeps this virtual gaming community going. These two become the main attributes which keep the online community together. Traditional building blocks such as age and gender no longer define an individual into joining the community. Having a common interest in a specific game is the main building block.

Online multiplayer games such as Warcraft II and Fortnite have gone to bridge isolated gamers to others. People are encouraged to cooperate even in the midst of a conflict.

The current curriculum in most schools is going ahead to encourage children to play video games, as educators realize it’s an innovative approach to improve learning. Research has it that playing games increase the cognitive activity of a learner. Playing games such as Shooter increases their decision-making skills.

Parents need to encourage kids to play video games; although moderately. While we cannot ignore the negative effects of video games but it’s true that they can help with everything from mental stimulation to learning to be competitive. Plus, it also helps your child get a new way to socialize!

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