Can You Survive in Ancient Greece? Find Out in Dawn of Defiance Starting in August

Can You Survive in Ancient Greece? Find Out in Dawn of Defiance Starting in August

Traega Entertainment has announced that Dawn of Defiance will enter PC early access on Steam and Epic Games Store starting August 15th. Players can explore and try to survive in a world inspired by ancient Greek mythology. The announcement came by way of a new trailer that explores the customizable base-building systems and that offers a peek at the Gorgons, a late-game enemy.

Players take on the role of the “Defier” trying to uncover a mythic plot across ruined Greek islands. The journey challenges players to survive and thrive in a harsh environment while building a strong base of operations. As with all survival games, players will need to gather resources, craft/upgrade gear, and face down monsters straight out of myth.

Features include

  • Survive the Isles: As discontent brews in the Underworld, you have been brought to a lost shore to be tested. To discover your elusive purpose, you must first start from nothing and arm yourself against the dangers of the isles.
  • Explore the Ruins: Just beyond the domain of the Gods, you’ll traverse coastal cliffs, dark woods, and blistering sands with heightened movement abilities, unlocking treasure and power amidst mythic landmarks.
  • Empower Yourself: Your victories across the isles will advance your strength through acquired recipes and upgrades. Build and adorn impressive Greek structures that rival the halls of Olympus, and protect yourself with customizable, crafted gear.
  • Defy the Gods: Cross the threshold into the Forgotten Crossroads and complete the 12 trials to sever the Gods’ lingering ties of power and steal their knowledge.
  • Band Together: Undertake this deadly odyssey on your own, or recruit up to three friends to aid your journey at any time in online cooperative multiplayer.

Check out the Dawn of Defiance official site for further details.

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