Capcom Reveals Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

During the weekend’s Capcom Cup Finals in California, the company revealed the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. It will feature several Street Fighter games, all released prior to SF4.

Games include the original game, SF2, SF2: Champion Edition, SF2: Hyper Fighting, Super SF2, Super SF2: Turbo, SF Alpha, SF Alpha 2, SF Alpha 3, SF3, SF3: 2nd Impact and SF3: 3rd Strike.

Players will also finally be able to take part in Street Fighter multiplayer action via online connection. Hyper Fighting, Super SF2 Turbo, SF Alpha 3 and SF3: 3rd Strike will all have a multiplayer component available.

The 30th Anniversary Collection will be released for PlayStation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch as well as for Windows PC. Look for it in May 2018.

Capcom has more though…

In addition to the special 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom also announced new characters coming to Street Fighter V. These include Sakura, Blanka, Cody and Sagat, all familiar names to fans of the series. The new additions were revealed with this spiffy trailer:

You can also check out Sakura’s game play:

Sakura will be available to players starting January 16th in the Arcade Edition, while the rest of the crew will show up throughout 2018.

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