Carrier Command Is Coming Back With A New Trailer

Carrier Command, the iconic strategy title is coming back and the team behind it just launched a new trailer for its return.

Due to enter the battlefield on PC sometime during Q2 2021, Carrier Command is the follow up to strategy game with some legendary roots. Back when floppy disks were still part of the bleeding edge of gaming and a physical release massive cardboard box, Carrier Command blew up the competition with 3D modelling that might not look much by today’s standards but provided a fully immersive approach to the action which top down titles couldn’t replicate.

Now Microprose, itself just returned from obscurity, has just given players a first glimpse at Carrier Command 2. This return to the oceans is more than a remaster. This Carrier Command looks set to return to the same basic principles, with a new look that is still rooted firmly in the original’s design principles.

Players jumping on board a carrier of their own will find themselves battling the high seas for dominion of a chain of islands and their precious resources. Microprose emphasizes that Carrier Command 2 is all about Strategy, Planning and Teamwork. You’ll need to gather intel, prepare your forces, and work for the best possible outcome using a range of different utilities and weapons at your disposal. While we don’t have a full run down of the entire arsenal available for captains to the field, we’re looking forward to finding out more about Carrier Command 2. You can check out the new trailer above and head over to the official Steam Store page to find out more now.

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