Carve A Path Through The Underworld in Perish

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Get your friends together and defeat Purgatory as HandyGames reveal their upcoming undead FPS, Perish.

Revealed today amidst crunching guitar riffs and a stylish display of undead corpses, Perish is a brand new multiplayer FPS that challenges players to banish the undead and escape the ravages of Purgatory. Coming to PC, sometime in the future, this adventure in Hell comes set to a death metal soundtrack and backlight by the barren Underworld, players who pick up Perish will join their comrades as they engage in a co-op shooter, aiming for the heavens.

While this might sound a bit like DOOM, this golden death game has it’s own unique old school feel to events. As you wade through waves of minions and some huge boss battles, each of your team can earn increasingly weapons and melee implements. More than 10 handcrafted and ornate javelins, swords, bows, and guns each with its own unique and upgradeable offensive capabilities await, as does an utterly gratuitous, brutal, gold-soaked ranged and melee combat experience. Frankly, this stylish shooter has our attention.

Developed by Brighton outfit Item 42, this descent into death wasn’t on our radar at all, and yet now I’m packing for a staycation in the darkest depths of this digital world. While we don’t have a definitive date for Perish, we do know that it is due to land on PC, so you can head over to the official Steam Store page to wishlist it now. There’s also a devilish trailer to accompany this announcement and get you plenty hyped for the stunning in-game action too.

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