Cast Some Magic And Grow Some Tall Tales In Songs of Glimmerwick

Eastshade Studios just unveiled a magical new trailer for upcoming witch academy RPG, Songs of Glimmerwick.

We’re ready to enroll in a brand new adventure with indie studio Eastshade Studios’ next title, Songs of Eastshade Studios’ next game. The team behind this beautiful new tale just dropped a new trailer ahead of the first term, and we were certainly charmed. Due to open I an academy on PC and consoles next year, Songs of Glimmerwick invites players to enroll and learn how to play magic like a lute.

While new pupils will attend classes, grow the university garden, and form friendships with those around them, they will also be able to explore a musical woodland fantasy. Across this tale of wonder, players will uncover their own story and discover an island where they can use the power of music.

Whether you’re more likely to spend time with your nose in your books, learning how to tend the gardens, or enchanting the local tools so you can head to adventure instead, Songs of Glimmerwick looks like a charming mix of fantasy RPGs and life sim mechanics. We’re pretty excited for this new tale from the team behind the critically-acclaimed Eastshade, and if you like the idea of escaping to Glimmerwick then head over to the official Steam Store page. Eager pupils can wishlist Songs of Glimmerwick ahead of its 2023 release on PC and console, or you can take a glimpse at the reveal trailer above.

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