Castle Battles Trailer Shows You How to Prepare for Upcoming War

Castle Battles wants to teach YOU to prepare for war. To do so, Light Arc Studio has sent out a new trailer about all-out war in its strategy RPG. It comes just in time to with the upcoming release just weeks away for mobile devices on April 25th.

Castle Battles hearkens back to a bygone era

Fans of top-down strategy RPGs will immediately feel at home with its familiar look. The goal is, of course, to grow and expand an empire by building castles, gathering resources, forming an army as well as taking on neighbors for dominance.

The game includes four campaigns: one to reclaim your homeland; next to laugh at the enemy; on to discover the mysteries of the sky and, finally, to head off on a hero’s journey.

According to the team, CB features “classic 4X style mechanics to keep action moving and exciting. Most battles are finished in minutes, not hours.

  • 40 unique levels spread out across 4 epic campaigns
  • A fully voiced narrative that is ripe with humor
  • A bumpin’ electronic original soundtrack composed by Ex-Static
  • Simple, yet intuitive controls
  • One heck of a mighty Blue Moustache

The game is already out on Steam for $12.99 with the mobile versions coming in a few weeks.

Be sure to check out the video to see Castle Battles in action!

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