Castle Flipper – Release Date Announcement

Developer Pyramid Games and publisher Castle Flipper have announced the release date of the repair sim Castle Flipper. The game will be making its way to Steam on May 27th. You can check out the demo version of the game to see what awaits you after the full release.

In Castle Flipper you have the unique opportunity to become a medieval builder. Build your own kingdom and customize it to your liking. You start on your own inherited piece of land. Work as a craftsman to clean, repair, build and decorate medieval, renaissance and baroque buildings and castles. Visit beautiful locations, breathe new life into old rooms and as you know – hard work pays off – so maybe one day you will become the King?

The game takes place at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, so in addition to the usual Medieval buildings, you will also find some Baroque and Renaissance elements that add variety to the gameplay and give you more options for interior decoration.

Castle Flipper features:

  • Become a designer! Design the surroundings of the castle, choose and plant trees in the courtyard, place animals in the crofts, and more
  • Destroy the walls! Don’t like what you’ve already managed to build? Don’t worry! Destroy the walls and start over!
  • Manage reconstruction! It takes a lot of effort to rebuild a conquered castle. Repair shattered walls, bridges or towers. You will have to put a lot of work into the reconstruction of the conquered castle.
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