Cat Lady Claws Its Way Into Early Access In October

Cat Lady, a dungeon crawler of the feline variety, is coming to Steam Early Access this October. It’s time to save grandma when the action begins on 17 October.

Developed by Rose City Games and published by Viz Media, this rogue-like dungeon crawler takes a unique twist on the mundane challenges of daily life. When Grandma goes missing from her mansion, there’s no time to paws and think about things. Her once serene mansion now appears to be haunted by an ancient evil, the furniture is turning in a range of monsters, and the cats are all self-aware. It’s up to you and Grandma’s clowder of cats to rescue her.

Throughout this top-down escapade, players will navigate their way through this haunted abode, engage in claws quarters combat with a range of ancient evils, and collect powerful cats. As well as some supreme intelligence, the cats that live with Grandma are also imbued with special powers. Working your way through the game allows players to collect even more cute kitties, each with their own individual powers.

On this paw-some adventure, you’ll be able to

  • Play as Ally Marie, fighting ghosts by forming a team of cute kitty friends with magical powers
  • Explore endless arrangements of unique rooms in Grandma’s mansion, fighting haunted household objects and bosses bent towards a sinister purpose
  • Unlock new cats, areas, abilities, and enemies as you investigate the mansion, and experiment with new kitty combinations for maximum replayability
  • Dive into dungeons littered with challenges, secrets, and collectibles to overcome overwhelming occult forces
  • Enjoy the hauntingly adorable soundtrack by an indie game dynamic duo, Jim Guthrie and J.J. Ipsen (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Below, Planet Coaster, Reigns: Her Majesty)

So go on, grab some action and avert this cat-astrophy when it dives into Steam Early Access on the 17th. We will be getting hands-on with this cute critter soon, keep an eye out for our first impressions soon. Until then, you could try another cat-themed title that we’ve reviewed.

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