Cat Lady Meow-ves Onto Steam

Cat Lady

Cat Lady, a paw-some sounding dungeon crawler from publisher Viz Media, is coming to PC via Steam and it sounds like the cats whiskers.

Developed by indie team Rose City Games, this title was originally announced back in June and garnered some seriously paw-sitive feedback during E3 Now you’ll find Cat Lady listed on the Steam Store with a whole ton more detail for anybody interested in this unique looking dungeon crawler.

Paw Puns

Players who pick up Cat Lady will find themselves in the shoes of Ally Marie, dutifully on her way to visit Grandma. This might all sound a little bit Red Riding Hood, but rest assured the wildlife here is a lot cuter. As Ally arrives, she finds Grandma is missing and an ancient evil has awoken. With the help of Grandma’s cats, our protagonist needs to chase this otherworldly presence from the mansion and rescue her Grandma.

What follows is a mix of dual-stick shooter action, roguelike elements, and tons of collectibility. You’ll claw your way through an endless arrangement of unique rooms, fight haunted household objects, and take on boss fights along the way. Grandma’s cats can help you purr-gress through the creaky old installation using some newly acquired magical powers. As you delve further into this dungeon different cats will come calling, unlocking new abilities and different ways to play. By swapping out each of these feline compatriots players can build the ultimate team to avert this cat-astophe.

While Cat Lady’s top-down two-tone retro look might not be to everyone’s taste, I can’t wait to see and hear what Rose City has come up with. A soundtrack by  Jim Guthrie and J.J. Ipsen seems like it is worth sitting down for on its own. We don’t have a release date for Cat Lady yet but our feline friends pretty much only turn up when they decide. As soon as we find out more we’ll have more here on Gamespace. You can check out full details on the Steam Store page now.

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