Catalyst Black – New Battleground Shooter from Creators of Vainglory

Catalyst Black - New Battleground Shooter from Creators of Vainglory

The developers from Super Evil Megacorp, the creators behind popular MOBA Vainglory, have revealed a new project. Catalyst Black is a new team-based, battleground shooter currently in development. Check out the sneak peek at the game as well as recorded pre-alpha gameplay in the video below!

What kind of player will you be? A patient sniper waiting in the bushes for an unfortunate victim? A brash and hotheaded assailant diving into the fray? Or a cunning assassin carefully picking targets? Use equipment to alter your playstyle. In addition, grab a mask to be able to transform temporarily into a powerful primal god.

At the moment, there is little known about the project. The official site, however, is already open and allows players to sign up to get all the latest news and a chance to become one of the first alpha testers of the game. Stay tuned to find out more.

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