Catan VR Available Now on the Occulus rift!

Welcome to Catan Settler!

Are you a fan of board games?  If you are, you’ve probably played the famous Settlers of Catan game. Designed originally by Klaus Teuber and released in 1995, Settlers of Catan is a game with the objective to build and grow a holding to acquire points.  The first person to get that set number of points wins.  There have been many adaptations of this board game over the years, and numerous expansions.  It was brought to many different platforms, such as the N-Gage, MSN games, and Nintendo DS.  None, however, have come as close to putting you literally “into” the game until now.  Experiment7 and Asmodee Digital have released a VR version compatible with both the Oculus Rift and Samsung VR Gear.  Sporting cross platform play, voice chat, and touch/gaze controls, truly allowing you to immerse yourself into the world of Catan!


Catan is about exploring new frontiers,” said Catan creator Klaus Teuber. “What better way to express that than by venturing into the exciting new world of virtual reality? The immersion made possible by this platform captures the boundless opportunity of taking that first step onto undiscovered lands.”

Watch the launch trailer below!  Check out Catan on the Oculus Store here, and the Samsung VR Gear here!


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