Cause Some First Class Trouble In Steam Early Access

First Class Trouble In Steam Early Access

First Class Trouble is now making mayhem on PC, via Steam Early Access.

First Class Trouble is now available for PC, via Steam Early Access. Available now, with a 20% discount, First Class Trouble is a game of social deduction, scheming, and betrayal from independent Invisible Walls and publisher Versus Evil. Set aboard an alternate 1950s solar cruise liner, First Class Trouble pushes together a group of passengers on a trip that has taken something of a wrong turn. Somewhere along its maiden 20 year voyage out to the far reaches of our corner of the galaxy, the central computer system has gone full HAL. With this computer core has gone haywire, it’s up to the remaining six passengers to find a way to shut it down while avoiding a traitor in their midst.

Watch Out For The Meatbags

Littered among the human passengers of the I.S.S. Alithea are Personoids, killer humanoids sent by C.A.I.N. to infiltrate and ultimately betray the other players, and there’s no way to immediately tell which of your fellow players are out to murder you. As each game of First Class Trouble unfolds, players will need to collaborate to think their way past locked doors and navigate the corridors between the stating lounge and the central computer core. Throwing in a proximity based voice chat system, First Class Trouble adds a fun twist that allows those killer robots to pick off unsuspecting meatbags.

“First Class Trouble combines all the chaos, hilarity and fun you’d expect from a social deduction game played with friends. It is as hilarious to watch as it is hugely entertaining to play, and the mix of personalities and the actual social aspect of getting together is a welcome pause from everything happening around us in our daily lives. Without a doubt, the team at Invisible Walls have created a competitive addition to the hugely popular social deduction genre.” Said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil.

We tried out First Class Trouble ourselves bakc in February and found a brand new twist on genre that Among Us made so popular. Find out more about First Class Trouble in our preview or the official Steam Store Page now.

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