CD Projekt Red Unveil Gwent Price of Power Expansion Set

Today, CD Projekt Red Unveils the new Gwent Price of Power Expansion Set, coming to PC, iOS, and Android.

Due to unfold onto PC, Apple M1 Macs, iOS, and Android on 8 June, the very first expansion set for Gwent was revealed today. Not to be confused with a stand alone expansions, of which Gwent has had several, the brand new add ons for the Witcher card game are set to plunge players into a three-part story expansion that will further explore the magical realms of CD Projekt’s headline franchise. As the factions of Gwent seek out dark and ancient magics, you’ll uncover the Price Of Power with the very first in the expansion set next month.

Once Upon A Pyre

Once Upon A Pyre will deal out 26 new cards: 4 cards of different rarities per faction and 2 neutrals. New abilities and gameplay mechanics will also be making their way into the game, bringing fresh and powerful synergies to take advantage of in battle. Once Upon A Pyre will release on June 8th, 2021 on all supported platforms. This particular tale will emphasise just how dangerous a life of magic can be, with mages and sorceresses bringing terrible wrath and their own demise in equal measure. While we don’t have much more on the upcoming expansion, we do get a better glimpse of what to expect with the new trailer for Once Upon A Pyre.

Player’s eager to just into the pit can grab the Price of Power Expansion Pass ahead of time, granting access to all three expansions that make up the Price of Power set and a few extra add ons. Until then we’ll have to wait and see what hand fate deals us when Gwent’s Price Of power expansions kick-off. Find out more over on the official Gwent website now.

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